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Our idea is that plant based eating doesn’t need to be about mimicking meat, but embracing the veg. We are chefs and between us we have 45 years of professional cooking experience. We know and love our flavours and eating great tasting food!!


The Cultiv.ate range includes four different plant based burger patties. We are excited about the future of sustainable eating and bringing it to you through healthy, nutritional, plant based yum.

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They say that the kitchen is the heart of the home, well Dylan is the heart of the kitchen. Nothing brings out his charismatic personality like cooking. He cooks so naturally; he can hold an in-depth conversation while simultaneously cooking a 10-course degustation menu.


Dylan strives for consistency in his cooking and runs the kitchen with his own unwavering set of standards for quality and flavour. Perhaps an aspect that has been instilled in him during his 27 years of cooking in highly accoladed, world class restaurants. In more recent years however, Dylan commenced his journey into plant-based sustainable food while searching for health improvements for his young family and himself.


He has been inspired to channel his expertise into Cultiv.ating food that is not only tasty and sustainable, but also healthy for people and the planet alike.     


Contact Us

Simon Polkinghorne 0410 756 787
Dylan Roberts 0417 802 594

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